We accompany institutional and UHNW international clients in their property investments in France.

Are you looking to invest in the French Real Estate market?
Do you find it hard to get access to good property investments in France?

France has a rich cultural heritage and deeply rooted traditions; it is famous for its music, literature, fashion, architecture, food & wine and lifestyle. In the same way, France conserves its cultural and behavioral codes in doing business. You need to be local in order to do business.

France is the 5th largest economy in the world at $2.555 trillion on a GDP (PPP) basis in 2010, just behind the US, China, Japan and Germany, but ahead of the UK.

The French Real Estate market offers international investors all types of opportunities in a clear and transparent market place. The core Parisian market is a deep and strong market with a multitude of healthy tenants despite the crisis.

Through our past investment experience, we have developed a broad network of key professionals across the real estate chain (asset finders, notaries, bankers…) and acquired the know-how to identify, price, bid and manage real estate assets.

Our philosophy is to establish a personal and reliable service with local presence, and to coordinate with first in class specialists to insure all steps of the investment are examined and implemented in a professional manner. We are here to protect our clients’ assets and interests.

Our service consists of :


Once we defined a client’s needs and objectives, we represent the client in the search of the appropriate investments. Our independence, allows us to source deals from major RE players as well as off-market deals.


We have built a strong network and will coordinate locally all necessary steps to properly implement the investment, including looking for financing and working with architects, legal and tax experts.


We choose the optimal management solution necessary for the day to day activity and for preserving the quality of the assets. We locally insure this is done accordingly.

Sayonara Naccach

Sayonara Naccach is the founder of MIEL Capital. After more than 15 years of investment experience in major international banks, she has decided to become an independent consultant. Sayonara has served as Senior Vice President – Investment, at Merrill Lynch for 13 years and as sales on the FX derivative desk at Commerz Bank. Before that she has worked in Information Technology as an analyst and project manager for 6 years. She has earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computers at Tel-Aviv University and Master of Science in Finance at Essec Cum Laude. Sayonara speaks Italian, Hebrew, English  and French.